LG G6 to Samsung Galaxy S8: Catch me if you can

LG’s just-announced marquee G6 phone adds a new chapter to the legendary rivalry between South Korean neighbors LG and Samsung. And for once, LG’s G6 could gain the upper hand against Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S8.

One reason is an about-face in strategy. Where the G5’s tone-deaf modular design failed by being too different, the G6’s potential comes from aligning with the competition. It will be one of the first global phones to have a large display that takes up about 80 percent of the screen — a nearly “bezel-less” design — and a trend we expect to see in many high-end phones this year.

It also has dual cameras and adds two important features that last year’s G5 lacked (and which last year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 had): “waterproofing” and wireless charging (for US buyers only). Embracing these mainstream features is a strategy that could set LG up to weather Samsung’s relentless onslaught of features and marketing dollars when the phone does come; that’s rumored to debut on March 29.

Source – CNET

Hands-on with Nokia’s new phones: these are the Androids you’re looking for

Nokia and HMD Global took the stage on Sunday afternoon to tell us more about the brand new Nokia, a company that’s finally willing to boldly go where it hasn’t gone before. HMD, which has licensed the Nokia brand, is making Android phones that actually run Google’s Android — you might remember how Nokia tried its hand at making Android devices while under Microsoft, but it stripped its custom version of Android of all the Google apps Android users really want in a phone. This time around, Nokia is going to go the “pure Android” route, promising timely security updates and fast updates to major new Android releases. For all the phones it made.

After I had a chance to briefly try out the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 5 the other day after the busy Nokia presser, I went by Nokia’s crowded booth at MWC to play with all the Android devices.

One thing became clearer and clearer to me as I tried the new Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6. These are the Android phones we’ve been waiting for Nokia to make, even if it’s not the good old Nokia that’s in charge. HMD Global is actually the company that’s licensing the Nokia brand.

Source – BGR

What Sort of Laptop Should You Choose For Writing?

Laptops have come a long way and are continuously improving, these portable computers keep on getting slimmer and are bringing in features and power that make them comparable with heavy desktop grade hardware. The best thig about laptops is their portability factor, these machines are easy to carry around and use which makes them a great choice for writers who move around a lot and always want to be able to access their work. The market is filed with all sorts of laptops that are designed for a variety of uses, making it hard to choose the right one.

Technically every laptop is suitable for writers since they are all portable and having writing capabilities, but the best chromebook for writers have features which enhance the writing experience, making it more comfortable and enjoyable and they also don’t have any additional features and functions which make them more expensive. When looking for a laptop for writing, a lot of importance should be given to the keyboard, many laptops come with tacky keyboards that make it hard to keep a rhythm while typing, look for one with a quality keyboard that is responsive and preferably has backlighting that makes keys more visible in darker areas.

According to , other than the keyboard, the screen should be bright, easy to read and must have a clear image quality, a larger screen would make the laptop bulkier so it’s best to go for a laptop with a screen size of around 17 inches, this makes sure that the laptop is large enough to have a full-sized keyboard but isn’t too big to carry around. Battery time also matters, there are a lot of laptops out there that are perfect for writers, just search for them on the internet.